iKommunicate is here

Priced at $299, in stock for immediate shipment

Over $100,000 raised

Nearly 500 early adopters received their iKommunicate


A new open source, HTML5 data format

New Apps and Solutions

Signal K is opening up a world of new apps and services

iKommunicate the NMEA to Signal K Gateway

iKommunicate is an intelligent gateway device that allows traditional boat navigation systems to be part of the “Internet of Things”. By taking data from the “closed” industry standard networks found on most boats and converting it to an “open” HTML5 based internet ready data format, a whole new world of social and connected boating will now be possible.

New Generation of Apps and Cloud Solutions

Mobile and web developers will be able to create a new generation of Apps and Cloud based solutions that will provide boat owners with the same experience on the water, as they get on land, making boating more exciting, safer and accessible. At the heart of this technical revolution is the newly developed, open source Signal K project. This fast growing "next generation navigation" and data sharing platform enables the connected boat - welcome to the internet of things afloat!