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    Because I’m using Actisense to convert my Simrad AP25 Auto Pilot NEMA 0183 sentences to NEMA 2000 as well as all other NEMA0183 devices, I would like to configure Coastal Explorer and the ikommunicate using the NEMA 2000 sentences over WIFI to run my Auto Pilot. I also want to see all the other NEMA data on Coastal Explorer as well. I now have GPS positioning, heading, rudder data, depth, speed over ground, Speed thru water and temp all displaying on Coastal Explorer by way of Actisense.

    I see that Steve Olsson is using Port 2000 for the NEMA0183. Is there a port designation on ikommunicate for the use of NEMA2000 data to interface on Coastal Explorer version 4? See link below.

    Steve Olsson 4 Part Video setting up ikommunicate

    Can the support Team provide specific instructions as to how to configure ports on CE to see NEMA2000 data as well as control of my Simrad AP25 using Coastal Explorer Version 4?

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