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    I looked over my iKommunicate and find it is well-built.
    Every joint looks to be sealed.
    The cable pass-throughs are using waterproof glands.
    So I was perplexed when it came to the Ethernet port. It is a simple rectangular cutout with a standard RJ45 filling the space and is very much not waterproof. Not that it will really make that much difference to most of our installs, but I am curious as to why the effort was spent gasketing and sealing everywhere else, but not on this bit.

    Anyone have plans to retrofit a seal or perhaps desolder the RJ45 header and replace with something like this?




    Paul Sumpner

    Hi Jason,

    Glad you like the build of iKommunicate. It was never intended to be fully waterproof, as it is very much a medium to large pleasure boat product, designed to connect to large NMEA networks and an existing wired Ethernet network, which you will not find on smaller, open boats.

    The cable assemblies exiting the enclosure via IP67 glands, is one of Digital Yacht’s standard design methods and is a cost effective solution both for DY and for customers, as they receive an integral NMEA2000 drop cable within the cost of the product, saving around $25 USD.

    We would recommend mounting the iKommunicate vertically with the cables pointing downwards, so that any condensation or splashes drip down the unit and not in through the small gap around the RJ45 connector.

    There are a surprising number of different RJ45 connectors and we would not recommend removing the iKommunicate RJ45 connector and trying to fit one of those waterproof ones. Aside from voiding the 2 year warranty, it is very unlikely that the pin out will be the same and our RJ45 has integral magnetics and LEDs.

    The easiest way to make iKommunicate IP67 rated would be to mount it in a box like this http://www.rapidonline.com/hammond-1554s2gycl-watertight-pc-enclosure-clear-lid-160-x-160-x-90mm-grey-30-4616 and then to fit, on one side of the enclosure, one of these clever deck glands from Index Marine, which you can drill and cut to get the three cables through http://www.indexmarine.co.uk/deck-glands-plastic.html

    Best regards

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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