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    I just installed iKommunikate and try to update the firmware from Firmware Version: 2016102500
    Firmware Date: Oct 25 2016 to the current one.

    Try the check for firmwrae updates -Button it says:
    Firmware Update: New Version Available (2017042600)
    but after hit on Download updated firmware, it shows:
    Firmware Update: Downloading (0% complete)
    and stays forever on 0% (waited about 30 min)

    Try to Manual firmware upload
    downloaded and unzipd the file (ikfirmware_2017042600.mdm)
    It uploads it successfully (??) andy says:
    Upload complete, reboot required.
    Aber doing a reboot, the old fimeware is still running

    I tried this with chrome and with firefox (latest versions)

    What do to now??

    best regards Uwe

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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