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    I’m using iKommunicate to send data over UDP 2000 and SignalK. iKommunicate is running latest firmware from 26th April 2017.
    I’m using GPS150 on 38400 baud rate.

    I’m able to get this to work fine when I connect GPS150 to NMEA0183 port #2, meaning that I connect yellow from GPS150 to yellow on iKommunicate, and green from GPS150 to green on iKommunicate.

    I was planning on using port #2 for something else as that port also supports Out.

    I’m however not able to connect GPS150 to iKommunicate port #3. What I’m doing is connecting iKommunicate white with GPS150 green, and iKommunicate blue with GPS150 yellow.

    The result is that iKommunicate only says “No NMEA sentences” message. It is however working fine on port #2….

    Any advise on how I can get it to work on port #3 ?


    Paul Sumpner

    Hi Fredimx40,

    The reason it is not working on Port 3, is that the polarity of the White and Blue wires in the iKommunicate Manual are wrong. The WHITE is + and the BLUE is -. The label on the actual iKommunicate is correct but the wiring table shown in the manual is wrong – sorry about this. I have corrected this now and you can download the corrected manual V1.01 by clicking here.

    No harm will have been done and you simply need to connect the GPS150 as follows;

    GPS150 ———– iKommunicate
    GREEN ———— BLUE

    Best regards

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