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    My plan for a setup is to have a NMEA 2000 network with a Garmin GPS for NMEA and an Airmar DT800 for depth and temp. Was planing on hooking the iKommunicate to my wifi router. Would this perhaps allow me to get position and depth into my Navionics app in my tablet?

    Going to also develop a “sounder” app for the SignalK dashboard. Just a basic chart reading depths to allow one to see how the depth varies over time.

    My network will consist of a wifi/4G router with dual external antennas for 4G connection, iKommunicate, ALBACombi for engine monitoring, Garmin GPS antenna and an Airmar DT800 depth, temp sensor.

    What do you think, if I configure the router to transmit the UDP, TCP over from ethernet to wifi. Would it work?



    Talk to Navionics. If the Nmea data from the GPS and Depth sounder is passed to the same WIFI network Navionics will pick it up 🙂
    So seams like this should work 🙂



    Changed my plan and order a Garmin inteliducer instead and a Digital Yacht GPS instead of the Airmar and Garmin GPS. Intteliducer beacuse found one at the right price, and GPS because Garmin requires Nmea commands to switch modes while Digital Yacht’s GPS is configured with dip switches.

    A nice advanced feature of iKommunicate would be able to send Nmea commands to sensors that needs to be configured.


    Paul Sumpner

    Hi Brannmark,

    Yes you will be able to provide GPS and Depth data to the Navionics App as Carl found in another post http://ikommunicate.com/forums/topic/nmea0183-in-out-devices/#post-257

    Just need to go in to the iKommunicate Web Interface and make sure UDP data output is turned on.

    Best regards




    Thanks Paul for also confirming that 🙂 Thanks for what seam to be a great product, will post some install pics later this spring when I get around installing all the bits and pieces into my Bayliner.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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