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    I saw 4 video’s introducing ikommunicate on vessel Maverick. Beautiful job! I also saw Steve Olsson presentation of ikommunicate at the Seattle Boat Show.

    I installed the ikommunicate on my vessel Sea Dweller. It was first introduced to me by Jeff Siegel, “Active Captain” I’ve bridged all of my older NEMA0183 components to a new NEMA2000 backbone that I built. In one of the videos Steve wired the NEMA0183 from Maverick’s Auto Pilot to ikommunicate’s NEMA0183 port 1 and configuring port 2000 for bi directional communication to Coastal Explorer to control the auto pilot.

    I remotely connect to a Windows 10 Tablet from my Main PC running Windows 10 navigation system through WIFI using Windows 10 “Connect” to run CE. I would like to run a local install of CE on my Windows 10 tablet using ikommunicate to perform AP control and to also receive all NEMA2000 sentences.
    The products installed on our Sea Dweller 44WB Kadey Krogen are Maretron GPS200, Actisense NGT-1 to PC. Actisense NGW-1 to Furuno 1933C data port 1, Actisense NGW-1 to support the Simrad AP25/AC20 Auto Pilot. I have also installed Actisense Engine Monitoring-EMU1 to support the John Deere JD6068TFM50 main engine. This is providing digital gauges supporting thru NEMA 2000 data on the network. The EMU1 is mount in Pilot House Connect to VDO Gauges.

    Because I’m using Actisense to convert my Simrad Auto Pilot NEMA 0183 sentences to NEMA 2000 as well as all other NEMA0183 devices, I would like to configure Coastal Explorer and the ikommunicate using the NEMA 2000 sentences over WIFI to run my Auto Pilot. I also want to see all the other NEMA data on Coastal Explorer as well. I now have GPS positioning, heading, rudder data, depth, speed over ground, Speed thru water and temp all displaying on Coastal Explorer by way of Actisense.
    If this is possible can the support Team provide specific instructions as to how to configure ports on CE to see Sea Dweller’s NEMA2000 data as well as control of my Simrad AP? I see that Mr.Olsson is using Port 2000 for the NEMA0183. Is there a port designation for the use of Sea Dweller’s NEMA2000 data to interface Coastal Explorer version 4?

    Please see more specifically what I’m doing below.

    I’ve interfaced the 1933C Furuno Chart plotter to NEMA 2000 network. The goal was to use the NEMA data from the Maretron GPS200 for boat positioning. The NEMA 2000 network is also successfully running a Simrad AP25/AC20 Auto Pilot to Coastal Explorer (version 4) interface thru a separate Actisense NGT-1. The Maratron GPS200 is functioning and providing positioning data to my PC running Coastal Explorer. The ICOM M506 can now see both the NEMA2000 data from my Vespermarine Vision transponder. The ICOM can see AIS targets and both NEMA2000 GPS data from both Vespermarine AIS and Maretrom GPS200 devices.

    The previous owner did not use the 1943C as a chart plotter but only as a dedicated radar system. Furuno is still supporting my old Radar/chartpotter. I was able to upgrade it to 1943C/NT allowing me to use CMAP for charts. Because the Furuno is on the NEMA2000 network the Simrad AP25/AC20 Auto Pilot is now providing heading information, I can now select Radar Overlaying onto the CMAP charts.

    As I commented earlier, I also have rudder data, depth data, speed over ground, Speed thru water and temp all displaying on Coastal Explorer (version 4). I am using a Windows 10 Tablet and Windows “Connect” wireless display. This allows me to take the Tablet wireless to the upper helm and have everything at my finger tips to navigate showing rudder data, depth data, speed over ground and temp all displaying on Coastal Explorer. I can even run the Auto Pilot by steering waypoints thru CE. But again I’m not using ikommuncate for this.

    Thanks so much to the Support Team!

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