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    I should have access to my pilot house next week. Are you available then? Could you give me more specifics on running the two utilities that you posted to capture stats and JSON formatted list of statistics?

    Perhaps a call on Thursday would be best to review my findings. In the meantime if you could generate a Statistics report by typing in this URL to your browser it might shine some light on what is happening with the slow responses/performance in the browser…


    This will return a JSON formatted list of statistics so you might want to install the Chrome JSON Formatter extension or copy and paste the output in to this website…


    Which will create nicely formatted and easy to read JSON output.


    Paul Sumpner

    Hi EditWiz59,

    Yes next week I am around and you can give me a call.

    The first URL I gave you is one that you can use with iKommunicate to make it return its internal statistics. When connected to iKommunicate, just type the URL that I gave… http://IP_Address/stats/v1/ in to your browser, remembering to put in whatever your iKommunicate’s IP address is on your network and after a second or so your browser should return a load of JSON text. Raw JSON text is difficult to read as it has no structure, so the second URL I gave you was for a public website that has a JSON structuring tool, which lets you copy and paste the RAW JSON data in to a box and then in another box you see the nicely formatted and easy to read JSON.

    Best regards

Viewing 2 posts - 16 through 17 (of 17 total)

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