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    Updated firmware to 20161025 and noticed a few things that don’t seem right:

    1. No devices listed on the admin page, but there is data coming through.
    2. Checking the device list on the chart plotter does not show the iKommunicate on the N2K network.
    3. Every now and then the chart plotter (Garmin 4012) complains that it’s lost the GPS, and then immediately acquires it again. This has never happened before.



    Wrt to point 3, I have a Garmin GMI10 also connected to the N2K network and it also complains about losing the GPS signal. These alarms continue for a short time after power up, and then it seems to settle. If I keep the iKommunicate powered down, the alarms don’t occur.



    Some more observations about this:
    Wrt point 1: The device list will sometimes show some of the devices, but will never list all devices. And this is very random.
    Wrt point 3: I’ve isolated the ‘lost GPS’ alarm down to being caused by some strange interaction between the iKommunicate and my Simrad GS25 sensor (GPS + compass). If I disconnect or disable either of these devices from the N2K network the alarms cease. Also, my previous comment about the alarms stopping after a short time was wrong; the alarm condition may stop for a short time, but will then continue after an indeterminate period.


    Paul Sumpner

    Hi Yamoya,

    I should have a build for you and Kjetil to try either tomorrow or Friday at the latest. This is the build that we have run the NMEA2000 certification tests on, which will be submitted to the NMEA organization tomorrow.

    I would be very grateful if you could try this new build and see if your problems are fixed or not.

    Best regards


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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