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    I would like to suggest that DY focus development effort for the iKommunicate on the one thing that is unique about it: translating N2K sentences to Signal K, and to support the broadest array of devices that send data on N2K. Why?

    1. There are other ways to get/parse and re-distribute NMEA 0183.
    2. While you can get N2K data out via Actisense, there’s no real format translation and you’re stuck “reverse engineering” the PGNs

    What I want is to be able to harvest the N2K data from all my devices—mostly Maretron sensors, but also engine data and a few others and read it via Signal-K.

    I recognize that the Signal K spec also has quite a ways to go to support a variety of data from these devices, but in speaking with the guys at Signal K, they are working on trying to come up with an approach to support extensions to Signal K. I’ve volunteered to help by sending info on my network of Maretron devices.

    The point is, that I’d like to see the iKommunicate team focus on fully supporting N2K devices that are already in the market place on vessels, even if that means proposing extensions to Signal-K for the devices it does not currently support.

    I’m happy to discuss this with any of the team if you have thoughts or questions.

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