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    I have a vessel with a Maretron SIM-100 (Switch indicator module) and RIM-100 (Run indicator module). The SIM monitors a variety of security inputs, such as magnetic door switches and motion detectors, etc.., The RIM-100 monitors bilge pumps. It’s not clear to me looking at the Signal-K spec where this type of devices might appear in the schema. I have an iKommunicate in stalled and running and hope to write some code on a Raspberry Pi to monitor these and other devices and both produce a monitoring page and drive some notifications (email, alarm horn, etc..).

    1. Is there a defined place in the Signal-K schema for binary “switch” type sensors?
    (a) If yes, is there a plan to support these devices in the iKommunicate?
    (b) If not, are you subject to waiting for the Signal-K spec to add this before it can be added to iKommunicate?

    2. Am I missing something? My iKommunicate clearly sees the devices…they are listed in the “Devices” tab. But I don’t see the switch states in the JSON.




    One more follow-up question:
    3. Is there any long-term plan for the iKommunicate to include any kind of monitoring/triggering functionality?

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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