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    Is there a way to upload files to the SD card? If not, is this planned? (e.g. ftp server) Having to dismount the iKommunicate device, open it up, remove the card and take it home is not ideal.



    I’m told that future firmware revisions will allow upload of files to the SD card. I did suggest that some thumb screws on the 4 end screws for the end plate closest to the SD card be used instead of normal screws to make life easier to access on a regular basis, or at least during everyone’s testing phase.



    That sounds promising. It may not make much difference to the Digital Yacht team, with an office full of iKommunicates, but it’s an unnecessary barrier to individuals, who have one device on a boat.

    I don’t think better physical access would help much.


    Paul Sumpner

    Hi Richard,

    Our short to medium term goal is to make it completely un-necessary to open the unit to access the micro SD Card. There are three reasons for someone to want to access the SD Card…

    1) Manually copy a new firmware on to the card, if there is no internet connection on the boat’s network that iKommunicate is on

    2) Extract diagnostic Log files from the SD Card

    3) Add/Remove hosted Web Apps and/or stored Documents/Images

    Reason 1) is being worked on as we speak and we hope to make it possible to upload a firmware update via the iKommunicate Web Interface i.e. download the firmware on a PC or Tablet and then browse, select and upload it to iKommunicate via your web browser, in the next but one update.

    With the work we are doing on 1), it should make it fairly straight forward to create solutions for 2) and 3) but this is not our top priority, which must be given to fixing any reported bugs and adding more and more conversions.

    Best regards




    I’ll get it on my boat and start reporting bugs!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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